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Newton Tire - Qualifying is easy with Crest Financial

Pay as You Ride from Crest Financial

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Benefits of using Crest Financial
 -  No Credit Check for bad, or no credit
 -  90 Day In-Home Layaway ™
 -  Instant approvals for quick responses
 -  Exceptional Customer service
 -  86% of applicants are APPROVED
 -  How does it work?
Step 1 - Customer fills out application (online or fax in)
Once the customer’s application is automatically approved, they simply choose the merchandise and have the dealer send Crest Financial an invoice. Crest Financial will charge a one-time $40 application fee, and then send the customer the lease agreement to be signed.
48% are approved on step one alone!
Step 2 - Even customers who aren't instantly approved can still qualify by simply providing Crest Financial a few additional documents via fax (855-902-7378) or email (apps@crestfinancial.com)
  -  Most recent pay check stub - showing Year to Date wages
  -  Most recent thirty days of Bank History
  -  Voided Check or Bank Verification Form
  -  Copy of Photo id
  -  Some exceptions to Crest Financial’s requirements:
Self employed? Not a problem. Simply provide Crest Financial with the most recent 90 days of bank history instead of a pay check stub.
Retired? Also not a problem. Crest Financial just needs to see a benefit letter to verify income.
What is the interest rate?
Because the program is In-Home layaway ™, Crest Financial does not charge interest rates. Leasing fees are included in the monthly payments. Minimum payments are 15% of the total amount financed for 12 months.
Payment Schedule
Payment schedules are automatically set up according to the customer's pay date. These automatically deducted payment schedules include: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payments. If there is a schedule that better fits the customer, Crest Financial will happily allow the customer to change their payment schedule by calling the Customer Service department at 1-855-552-7378.
Buyout Options
Various buyout options are available at any time. Including:
 -  12 months–12 month Lease To own. Customers are setup on a schedule of 12 easy payments of 15% of the original purchase price.
 -  90 Day Early Buyout - During the first 90 Days, customers do not accrue any additional rental fees, and are welcome to pay off the financed amount (cash price plus application fee) as if they had paid for the merchandise upfront. (NO ADDITIONAL FEES!)
 -  35% Discount Option - The second buyout option allows customers to fully own the merchandise early at a 35% discount off the remaining balance.
Customer Service
Crest Financial is known for their first rate customer service. You will find the Crest Financial team helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Do you have questions about your account?  Do you need to update your information?  Call the customer service department with any concerns you may have at 1-855-552-7378.  If you need help in Spanish our representatives can assist you in your own language.