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Newton Tire Company now supports Pay as You Ride from Crest Financial

February 6th, 2014

Newton Tire Company - Tire Financing with Crest Financial for $40 DownNewton Tire Company now supports Pay as You Ride from Crest Financial!

Newton Tire Company has signed up for a new kind of financing so that EVERYONE can ride in comfort and style.

Through the Pay as You Ride financing platform of Crest Financial anyone can purchase tires or wheels for as little as $40 down.  Please see our Crest Financial Pay As You Ride page for full details.

"We are very glad to have the ability to bring this to our customers.  Money is always tight, but people shouldn't have to drive on tires that are possibly unsafe."

Through this new financing option, customers can apply easily directly with Newton Tire Company, either in person or on ...[more]

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Bridgestone Performance Balls and Puck are changing the world of sports

April 15th, 2013

Bridgestone is serious about their technology, their Performance Balls and Puck are revolutionizing the world of sports. Their nano-tech research to provide amazing high performance tires has translated into the most innovative advances in the world of sports. Using cutting edge technology, Bridgestone has created prototypes that will advance football, basketball, bowling, and hockey. Their new Performance Balls and Puck are game changers in the industry, using the same technology that keeps their position as a leader in the tire industry for safety, fuel efficiency, noise reduction, and winter driving control.

The same polymer innovations that they use in their Potenza tires to grip and hug turns with expert precision have been put to use in creating the Potenza Football. This performance football flies smooth same speed and control creating unbelievable breakth ...[more]

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Website Launch Announcement: Newton Tire Launches New Site

March 19th, 2013
Newton Tire is excited to announce the launch of its new website...
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